CIK: Nerf bars & Pods and KG

Has anyone mounted KG pods (506 or 507) to a Freeline nerf bar?

From my experiences so far, it appears:
• OTK bars are made for OTK only. Parolin pods mismatch with OTK but can be mashed to fit.
• Birel (Freeline) pods fit Freeline bars.
• Measuring pod backs only, Parolin is 4", Freeline is 4.75" so Parolin pods are 3/4" too narrow to mount on Freeline bars?
• Do KG pods require a specific KG nerf as well? (There are bars for 506 DUO and 507.)

Why does fitting plastic to nerf bars need to be so complicated? You’d think all CIK aftermarket bodywork would be compatible…

Won’t work. Freeline pod bolt spacing is different.

Thank you MB!
It’s never easy is it? :roll_eyes:

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