CKNA SOUTH Divisional Championship (Lo206)

  1. 103rd Street Kart Complex, Jacksonville, FL.
  2. Monticello Kart Club, Monticello, FL.
  3. Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC.
  4. NOLA Motorsports Park, New Orleans, LA.
  5. TBA (Rumor is it will be in Bushnell, FL)

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Schedule looks really good. I’m optimistic that Jacksonville will be big. Charlotte was huge last year. We’ll be coming down from Indiana for Jacksonville to race. And I will likely be in Charlotte, but hopefully only to tune/wrench/coach.

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I am considering a 24hr race at NOLA. How’s the facility? Is it in barking distance of humanity?

Any spousal entertainment opportunities whilst we race?

Only if you want her to spend more than what your racing cost :wink:

Do tell… maybe this will entice her to come racing with us.

Nothing specific, it was just a poor joke about wives spending money while racers race. Any time my wife says she wants to come with me, I just go ahead and double my weekend budget…

Never run NOLA or Charlotte, looking forward to it. The track owner of Bushnell is one of the founders of CKNA South, so I couldn’t imagine this series going on without his track being selected. Hense why everyone thinks the TBD will be at Bushnell.

Bushnell I’ve never run either, but from what I’ve heard, its a short track and a real grinder. Its becoming infamous for the curbing that I guess it really hard on kart chassis’.

But I just got those Kart Lift chassis protectors installed last week, so hopefully I’ll be good. :rofl:

I was hoping you were gonna say, the 4 seasons spa is right next door… that would be a major win for any race facility.

I’ll be running the series. Might skip out on Nola because of the distance. Charlotte was amazing last year. That’ll be an annual trip for me as long as they have it.

Bushnell has made improvements by filling in around the track. Your good to go with the kart lift protectors. Same ones I run and I didn’t get any frame damage when I was there last. (Knocks on wood).

Charlotte had more grip than I have ever seen. In freezing weather we could go full blast after one turn.

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I’ll be doing Jax and Charlotte. :grimacing:

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Wish we all had KP decals so we could pick each other out in crowd. It would be great to put faces with the screen names.

@KartingIsLife ??? :crossed_fingers:

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Yeah I think it would be good to get some stickers going again and I’ve been thinking about doing shirts etc again too. We did stickers a good few years ago, truth is I’m terrible about making sure the stuff gets sent out quickly. But the shirts etc were fulfilled automatically so that was nice.

But, I think my kiddo is old enough to help with stickers now.

Just checked the store and noticed there are no shirts or sweaters there anymore, only caps and beanies.

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I’m in for some stickers. Shirts are always taken by race teams and manufacturers. Spot a kartpulse sticker on a kart and you know that guy is a good guy.


STICKERS!!! Gimme gimme!

I’m always wearing my stupidly comfortable Ghost Racing shirt. :man_shrugging:t2:

Flight booked, kart transport secured, see y’all in Florida!

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James McMahon (pack your bags, because we’re going a on a guilt trip)

Stickers! Stickers! Stickers! :rofl:

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Adjustments to the race location and schedule announced. Looks like 4 rounds instead of a possible 5th:

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