Close finish the difference was 0.001 seconds

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im 12 cadet is from 8 to 12 im moving from lo206 cadet to ka jn in a few mounts and i posted the race like 5 minutes ago

Does hopping like that help? It seemed like you actually slowed down when you did that.

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idk if it helps probaly does not

Hopping does help but not there. It helps (my 93kg anyway) coming out of slow corners - idea is it allows the rears to spin up that lil bit faster as you get back on the gas. If you’re already settled into a high speed corner/straight it’ll slow you down by removing traction. Generally I’ll do two hops as I get the power down then do the human drs thing (5’11) along the straight. 4 strokes def, not so much on 2 stroke.

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thanks for the tip i probably should have tucked under my wheel instead