Clutch and chain question?


I’m new to the karting world,as a kid my mom would never get me one as we never had the $$.I took my son (10 years old) to a go kart track a few miles from the house and he had such a blast I knew I had to find him something,me a my wife was at a yard sale last week and found this for $100 but it needs a clutch and chain I just don’t know what size chain,but I’m pretty sure it’s a 3/4 clutch

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a little closer pic

That’s quite a contraption there!

So you can take two approaches… figure out what’s on there sprocket wise, or try and replace everything.

Here’s a guide on measuring the chain pitch.

You’ll also need to figure out how many teeth you’ll need on the clutch. is a good store to browse around for idea.