Competition Karting Coming to COTA's Kart Track in 2019

(James McMahon) #1

Looks like the kart track at COTA is going to see some racing next year. It will be heavily, (but not exclusively) based on Margay’s Ignite range and begins in Feb. 2019

Here’s the Press Release from Margay

Margay Racing Partners with Circuit of the Americas Karting

(Photo: Margay Racing)

Margay Racing is proud to announce that Circuit of the Americas has become its newest authorized Margay dealer and Ignite race series host. The new partnership between longtime kart industry leader Margay Racing and North Americas newest premier racing facility, Circuit of the Americas, is focused on bringing new racers to the sport of karting. Already successful in the Midwest, the Ignite race series at COTA Karting will minimize entry barriers for enthusiasts and turn race fans into racers. The spec nature of the program lessens costs while maximizing driver development. Equally prepared Margay Ignite karts featuring factory-sealed Briggs 206 engines place the emphasis squarely on the driver rather than the driver’s wallet.

(Photo: Margay Racing)

“Like everything in Texas, this is big,” said Margay owner Keith Freber. “Our partnership with COTA Karting marks another milestone in the continuing growth of our Ignite Karting classes and we are very excited at the prospect of bringing new participants to the sport at such an outstanding karting facility. The team at COTA Karting is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and simply does everything in a first class manner, we are thrilled to be working with them,” added Freber. “The full Ignite season at COTA Karting is going to be a great way to get involved in karting and hone your skills before joining us at the Ignite Majors. We are really thrilled with the opportunity to grow the karting family with our partners at COTA Karting,” concluded Freber.

The inaugural COTA Karting race schedule for 2019 will feature 10 races, starting with a double-header on February 23-24. Joining the Ignite program will be the IAME KA100 Junior and Senior classes. Like the Briggs 206, the IAME KA100 engine has received high praise throughout the industry for its out of the box performance, parity and reliability. The simplified class structure will ensure racers get more time on track and less time in the pits, while not requiring racers to spend the entire day at the track.

COTA Karting’s Director Khai Nguyen stated, “COTA Karting is excited to partner with Margay Racing to bring the world-class Ignite Series to Austin. The Circuit of the Americas appreciates the incredible reception the community has given our new karting facility and looks forward to inspiring more people to join the sport. Whether it’s for recreation of competition, COTA Karting is fun for everyone.”

2019 COTA Karting Class Structure

  • Kid Kart Honda (Ages 5-8, Honda GXH50 Motor, Open Chassis)
  • Ignite Rookie (Ages 8-12, Briggs 206 Motor, Ignite K2 Chassis)
  • Ignite Junior (Ages 12-15, Briggs 206 Motor, Ignite K3 Chassis)
  • Ignite Senior (Ages 15+, Briggs 206 Motor, Ignite K3 Chassis)
  • Ignite Masters (Ages 35+, Briggs 206 Motor, Ignite K3 Chassis)
  • Ignite Heavy (Ages 15+, 200lbs+, Briggs 206 Motor, Ignite K3 Chassis)
  • KA100 Junior (Ages 12-15, IAME KA100 Motor, Open Chassis)
  • KA100 Senior (Ages 15+, IAME KA100 Motor, Open Chassis)

Purchase your Margay kart this winter to gear up for the 2019 race season. To purchase, either visit the COTA Karting facility, email [email protected] or call 512-655-6301.

Track Layout:

(Dom Callan) #2

Heck ka100 and lo206? That sounds like a really great series.

(Chris Hinrichs) #3

Yep, That would be the perfect setup to run 2 karts a day. The Ignite kart would be cheap to run for extra seat time. Wish I lived closer and I would be there.

(James Lundberg) #4

As an Austin local, this news is sort of bittersweet. I think it is great that COTA is finally starting to offer some club racing… but not allowing open chassis 206 is a miss.

I would love to see KA take off, though.

(Michael Zahorski) #5

Agree that the LO class is not an open chassis with how successful the LO class is in this area. However, since we are leaning towards KA in the near future when my daughter moves to juniors, it’s great to see another track supporting it in the area. This should help to make the class take off here in Texas.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #6

That track looks cool.

(Michael Zahorski) #7

Have you looked at it on Google Maps or the COTA Karitng site?

I also think one of the reasons I’ve heard it is only KA and LO is because the layout of a few corners doesn’t lend itself very well to faster karts. But I could be wrong.

(Fast Cat) #8

For those stating that there is no open 206 class, that does not mean there will not be a regional event in the future that allows those classes to race. The Ignite program has shown much success at tracks like Gateway and Autobahn working with new tracks from the ground up to make it as easy as possible for people to get into the sport. It works as a perfect transition for the rental kart driver to an actual sprint kart. Removing questions such as what tires, clutch, chassis, axle, wheels or hubs are needed help simplify the sport even further and make it super appealing from the outside looking in. I think the KA100 classes are going to be really strong as well!

(Carlos Ribas) #9

I drove a test session in a K3 206… Flowed pretty well. Ended up around 50s, five seconds faster than the Sodi arrive and drive rental karts. I think with more laps maybe a 47 is doable.

(Dom Callan) #10

Nice. Consistent lap times too. You went down 1s basically and though I know nothing about the track, looked good to me. I wonder if 47s are possible with lo206. It didn’t look to me like there’s three seconds in there. You weren’t lifting, braking super early, or on a terrible line. Looked solid. Maybe a second faster? Any idea what a fast lo206 time is there?

(Carlos Ribas) #11

Thanks. One of the quickest drivers there, a teen, actually took delivery of his own K3 that day and he was in the 48s, and I think he had room to find a little more pace. It’s possible his kart was set up better than the one I tested, since he got a different kind of attention from actually buying it, but it was stock, so it should be possible in any K3 w/ 206.

As for my laps, I did have a bit of sliding at some of the apexes that were having me feather the throttle more than I thought should be possible; I think I could find time by tuning the line so I could get harder on the power a bit earlier and avoid those slides, and that would have a hefty compounding effect through the straights ater those curves. Three seconds? Not sure :smile:

(Dom Callan) #12

Bear in mind the teen is probably a lot lighter than you.

Also, tires are important. Rental karts do not usually have soft tires (wear too quickly). That might be 2-3 seconds right there.

(Carlos Ribas) #13

Valid points. I’m a smaller guy, I think I probably have 30lbs-40lbs on him. I’m not sure what tires he selected when he ordered his kart, but my session was a factory test, so the kart was on medium tires. The mechanics at the track told me his kart was also on mediums, but I did not verify. He’s quicker than me pretty much always anyway :wink:

Maybe for adults 49 or 48s will prove to be about as fast as the 206 will go. When I did the test, none of us broke 50s.

(Dom Callan) #14

Let us know what comes to pass.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #15

Dang, those are some solidly close walls for a purpose built track.

I like it. :grin: