Cool Content about karting, from Mainstream Channels

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While I sit on the airport ramp…

There’s tons of things out there that are about or include karting in some way, it would be cool to have them in one spot.

I’ll kick of with this one… Post some stuff you’ve come across.

(Kevin Moody) #2

DNQ Karting series is pretty entertaining.

They host a rental kart series and a dirt oval series.

Consists of a bunch of Nascar drivers and crewmen.

The commentary can get a little vulgar, but it’s done to create excitement and drama.


youtube videos

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Going more mainstream for this topic though. Publications, media channels, movies, etc etc

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Spotted this in road and track magazine.

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More from road and track:

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This is a good one from Tommy Parry:

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(Ismael Delgado) #8

Thank you for sharing! Great read.