CR125 Front Engine mount bolt routinly breaks, any tips?

I haven’t had a front engine bolt on my CR125 last more than a few hours of run time. Is this common, or is there something I’m missing?

Currently using the sharkshifter offset motor mount.

I have that same mount on my shifter and have had no issues. I have a Birel 32mm chassis. Are the bottom pieces properly sized for your chassis? They should wrap right around the chassis tubes with no gaps. You can buy replacement bottom parts from Sharkshifter for around $15 each I think. I’ve had to replace mine due to wear from scraping but I road race on some really rough tracks.

Do you mean your front clamp bolt, or the longer bolt that goes through the casing and holds the motor onto the mount.


My image editing on point as always :laughing:

So it’s not the butterfly, but the bolt running through the case. There is a bit slack where the case can move laterally, so I’ll try cutting a spacer that fits better and see if that helps resolve the issue.

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That’s likely it. They typically have a spacer in there from what I recall. Been a while since I’ve have a moto.

Aside from pre-load, I don’t know what else it could be, and with the sharkshifter offset mount, there are three spacers. The play is maybe 20-30 thou, not much but likely just enough.

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