CR125 shifter with no Honda Power Port?

So I bough an used CRG125 shifter and I opened the Crankcase cover for the first time and I realized my engine didnt have any of the HPP components or they were removed, is this normal for tuned shifter engines?

Afaik it closes the exhauast port to improve torque at low rpms but perhaps its not needed wanted for kart racing?

Correct, it’s normal.Power valves are removed and plugged in those kart engines

thanks, no wonder why it has almost no power at low-mid rpms and when you reach the proper range it just goes crazy, it feels like a Miata with a massive laggy turbo. :joy:

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Exactly, low rpm torque is not what you want, compared to a motocross use. In kart applications, you should never count on anything under 8k RPMs, so you need to keep the engine on the rev range, using the gearbox as a tool to chase it. No engine braking, no controlling traction out of a slow corner like you do in a muddy track with a motorcycle.