CRG SP97 100cc engine

(Xavier Claude) #1

Does anyone have any experience running this engine? Do you know what kind of aftermarket carb one can run? Reliability, drivability? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

(James McMahon) #2

It’s a JICA engine. Like you said, 100cc. Piston port motor. They typically ran a walbro carb, it baroni and hubchen made carbs for the too.

JICA was the top class for junior drivers from 12-16 y/o from around 1993 until 2006. Don’t let the fact that it was a junction class fool you though, they are pretty peppy. More power than a HPV/KPV.

Reliability wise, they are pretty solid. The internals are of higher quality than a typical KT. In racing conditions they would be spin to 17-18, so for lapping you can run them 16k all day.

(Xavier Claude) #3

James how would I find the size of the carb requires, correct ignition coil etc?