Did I harm my exhaust by this transformation?

I don’t have an exact before and after, but I decided to transform my exhaust and give it a good sand and cleaning. Did I harm it’s integrity by doing so?

They should make these in anodized colors like bmx parts back in the day.

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i think a subtle neo chrome would look nice as well

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Would match the kart kit well.

No, you can sand the pipe, no problem. I would only be wary of running afoul of a grumpy tech man, as in some cases I’ve heard of people being warned for “modifying the pipe” by sanding it.

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i was a little worried after spending 3 hours on it

Skyway bmx and haro bmx was the best those days

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Yup and the 80s were awash in color

I saw a guy who polished his, by hand. Was told they wouldn’t DQ him if he scuffed it.

Polished the muffler on my oval kart. It changed color in places due to the heat of running. Very nice looking in my eyes.

i was actually hoping for a cool burn effect

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Took this after breaking in my X30,

Thought it looked pretty cool, but even with regular cleaning it still oxidized to a brown colour.


The visible titanium exhaust modification to the Lotus Elise looks great. They have the blue and gold colors after they have been run awhile.