Do you tell others about the Kartpulse Forums? Why?

This is actually something that I’m genuinely curious about.

As we’re growing membership, I’m always curious to know if the karters who are active on the forums, tell other people about the KP Forums.

If so, why? If not, what could be do to make you more motivated to share the forums to other karters?

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Sure. EKN is dead, kartbook is angry and australia specific, r/karting is sort of dead too. KP is pretty much the only active site with people that actually kart. It’s also neat that it is not anonymous which keeps it clean and productive. It’s a good resource and I try to steer folks here.

Ack above. Where else can a guy who’s amped on karting going to turn to?

I spruiked kart book to a couple club members last night who were complaining about kartbook.
Pity there isnt an active Aussie forum but i like this place anyway :+1:

I do. There are several great people on here with great advice and answers. No one on here has even been snide or rude to anyone else, like I have found on several other boards at times. The theme, keep karting fun, is truly alive on this page.

Off topic, but important IMO:

These are all reasons to tread carefully with respect to running classifieds here. As handy as they’d be, I’m wary of the risk of drawing scumbags in.

I’m not voting yes or no yet - I’m reading the arguments for and against before deciding. I’d love to vote ‘yes’ but only if the scumbag risk is low, or can be mitigated easily.

And I will be spreading the word.

Honestly, that’s a very fair point and one of the reasons I haven’t really been for classifieds here personally.

The KP forums have been about community, and sharing information, and I’d be concerned that classified might dilute that experience for our existing members.

Maybe if they are on a subdomain, away from the forums, I’d be ok with it. So, yeah off topic, but relevant point. :slight_smile:

Honestly I don’t. Mostly because the people I do talk karting with are already on here. The people I try to talk karting with that aren’t racers usually just nod politely, but have no idea or interest.

Makes the most sense to spread the word with like-minded people (eg. At the local ckub/track). Still don’t get why EKN hasn’t rebounded more recently, but time will tell, I guess.

Yup, usually referencing specific topics asked.

Well I do appreciate you guys providing some input on why you share, or what you look for while you are here.