Does anyone use a full data system?

The Mychron 5, for example, can log the following:

  • RPM
  • GPS
  • CHT
  • EGT
  • A/F Ratio
  • Power Valve Position
  • Front Wheel Speed
  • Rear Axle Speed
  • Steering position
  • Throttle
  • Brake
  • Tire Temp

Has anyone worked with a fully data’d kart? Seems like it would be so helpful to have that much data to look at.

No but I plan on getting bridge and pedal sensors for next season.

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big factory teams run it.

unless you’re well versed in data acquisition, too much data end up being more confusing than a few simple channels.

strain bridge?

what location do you plan on running it or them?

I meant the expansion bridge for mychron 5. Allows additional data. The pedal sensors plug into it.

I want my coach and myself to be able to see what’s going on with my feet in more detail.

I’ve seen a few guys run all the data they possibly can and unless you’ve got a team to sit down and sift through it, it becomes more work than you can get done in-between sessions. They end up getting bogged down in graphs and not just feeling what the kart is doing. Might be good for a practice day though.


To TJ’s point there’s a ton the mychron can do, but unless you know what data you want to look for and why (why is the biggest value), I suggest avoiding data for data’s sake.

That said there are a lot of sensors I’d love to run more often.

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When testing, you should have a plan. Take all the data you can, but do not let the data influence your test plan. Do your normal testing. Download and save the data, but look at little more than splits, and min/max speeds.

You go back later, days later, and figure out why some things worked. If this approach is taken, you can NEVER have too much data. Would you turn down data like this (tire temp profiles as well as tire forces) for a kart?

After all…every single adjustment you ever make on a kart is meant to impact how the contact patches are behaving.

I am working on some affordable electronics to achieve just this. The temps are actually easy. It is the strain gauging that is tough on a rotating axle. But it can be done. Of course, the Motect C185 dash in this car is $5,000 base price…

I would not be surprised if factory kart teams are not already doing this with in house set ups.

Like I said, this would be great for a test day or practice. But if I have 45 minutes between sessions to download, analyze, debate, potentially make a chassis adjustment, swap tires etc. I’m definitely going to stick to the essential data and let my butt and hands tell me what the rest of the kart is doing.


so i was wondering why a 2 stroke rpm set up is looped and a 4 stroke is coiled around the plug and then looped. I was just interested in the reason behind it and what it actually does.

From the MyChron 4 Manual:

“4 strokes engines have a very weak power-on system. It is thereby necessary to
wrap more times the cable on the spark plug cable, as shown below, to make the
logger become more sensitive”


I’ve personally never given much thought in the pulse/RPM lead position between four and two stroke, beyond cable management\ergonomics.