Does this exist? (Mychron phone App)

Sign in with FB works for me.

To my understanding, you need wifi or mobile data to upload to a server where the calculations will happen. James Colborn has a 20 min video tutorial on youtube. 20 Min Tutorial - LapSnap App (iOS & Android) - YouTube

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Pretty sure he knows this but was pointing out that FB signup is working for folks that have it.

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I can help you with email verification. Can you please email to [email protected] from the email you registered with?


Very very nice tanks, works perfectly.

Any plans for more options ?

For what it can do right now, the pro version is pretty expensive though…

What options do you have in mind?

For the record , I do only have the free version for now. But maybe things like water temp , EGR etc.

Have you any plans, for future update ?

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Just had a quick playaround on LapSnap. Very promising. The synchronisation between lap data and GPS positioning is solid. Also loving how the app marks your lowest corner speed on the axis with the traces. Would love to play around with it some more, do you have any introductory promos for KartPulse members @donesnowangel?


any way to update engine choices. Could LO206 be added

Having the ability to look at egt would be great. And even more points if we could do rpm vs egt. In all reality speed trace. Meh.

Unless these are options I just haven’t found. I do have the pro version. And enjoy the ease of use

Google Store still only shows 500+ downloads. I am going to give it a try this weekend. I’d like it to have 02 logging too. For LCU logging to the Mychron5s.

i downloaded lapsnap, was able to connect to my mychron5, saw my sessions, but since my track wasn’t in the database or something, i started hitting errors when trying to download the session to my phone. didn’t have the time or want to spend the time to try and troubleshoot, so i uninstalled the app.

You can use lapsnap to see your lap speeds and times and your racing line on gps you can see speed g force etc but no temps.its good for on the go rewiewing you tests