Dr mini 18 kart chassis (cadet)

Help, newbie here trying to get my daughter into kart racing.


  • How would I know what seat to get for my daughter?
  • This would be the size for my 11 year old, correct?
  • And what other items would I need to get this up and running at the track?

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If you’re around a shop or track, you might be able to try out some seats. What I did initially for my daughter is had her sit next to a wall and measure the distance and compare to the charts.

At 11 years old, she will be at the edge of cadet and juniors, which are 2 different kart sizes. Most junior classes start at their competition 12 age (if she turns 12 before the end of the year, that is her competition age). So, if she is small, and/or you don’t mind having to buy a second kart fairly quickly, you can run cadet.

You’d also need to get a motor and tires for it. Safety gear for her as well; helmet, suit, gloves, chest protector, neck collar. I know @Eric_Gunderson runs Point Karting (where your link goes), and he will help you with everything you need.

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Where are you based?

Hey Kruptos!

At age 11, she would fit the DR Mini 18 that you have listed here (we sell this chassis).

The short answer is that seat sizing is something we can help you with, the seat charts can at times be confusing, Michael’s suggestions are great!

The long answer is:

One thing I do personally when sizing seats for a driver is first start with their waist (pants) size and their height. Tillett seats is one of the only vendors I know of for seats that has a ‘waist size to seat size’ chart. This allows me to then fit a driver to a Tillet seat, and then I cross this over to whatever other size seat I am comparing to or putting into a kart. Typically a Tillett size L is the same as a size 3 for many other lines of seats, or a C5 or C7 for the NEK, etc. Some of this comes with prior experience and measuring various drivers.

For the DR Mini 18 specifically, the stock standard seat that comes with the kart is a DR Resin GOLD seat, which is made by IMAF. At age 11, if she is a fairly typical 11 year old in terms of size, likely she would fit in a child’s XS, or an adult size 1. Sometimes these seats won’t work, and we will special order an NEK seat in the “A” size range, or we can even go with a special line of Tillett seats called ‘cut-down’ seats that fit drivers with different torso and upper back heights.

Other items you would need to get this kart in particular up and ready for the track would include first and foremost an engine, a proper set of tires for your region, likely some lead ballast / weights, and some other driver comfort accessories depending on the driver.

Hope this helps!

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St Augustine Florida

I’m also looking at this chassis as well. CKR Marlin


Oh sorry I don’t know any of the DR dealers there. I’d recommend going to a shop with all her gear on and just try out seats