Dropoff in Power, and Tuning (still learning this 206)

Today was my second practice day with the LO206 kart. I’ve been karting a long time, but this is my first time with the Briggs LO206.

On my first practice day, May 30th, my best laps of the day were around 56.6, but it was about 70 degrees outside. I had just broken the motor in, and checked the valve lash afterward and replaced the oil. It was about .002 and .004", which seemed fine.

Today, it was much hotter at about 85 degrees. I actually got the chassis handling better, but my best laps were around 57.1, to my surprise. I checked my float height, and it was at .840", which seemed a little low. I put it to .860" but didn’t see an improvement in times.

For reference, I was consistent both days with my times.

Is it possible that my valve lash is now off, now that the motor has broken in more? Could this be a clutch issue?

In general, I felt that the engine was really lacking low-end power, but was decent on the top-end.

All suggestions and tips are appreciated! I plan on practicing again Thursday, to be prepared for Saturday’s race :slight_smile:

I’ve never had to reset lash after the first time unless I pull the head.

This might actually be a handling issue. As the track grips up you may find the rear “binds” on the exit of turns and saps power.