Egt tuning question for x30

So I am looking for some insight about egt temps and x30 tuning.

So looks like standard carb settings are a usable range of 1- 1 1/4 on low end and 1 1/2 to 1 1/4 on high end with 10 psi pop off.

Recommended egt is 1050-1100 based on egt bung welded in exact location per Iame spec.

So that being said I tend to end up on the lower side of egt range with above carb settings. On a fresh carb rebuild with pop off of about 9.5 psi. The carb…actually both carbs that I have tend to be a little low on pop off even when they were brand new out of box from Iame on fresh engine and spare carb that were both purchased new.

I am wondering about how pop off pressure effects egt?

Secondly when checking in the pits I noticed guys running egt in the 1100-1150 range. What is acceptable safe range of egt temps and secondly how do you analyse or what are you looking for on mychron data to determine if you are within an acceptable range. Egt temp versus rpm when transition off throttle at end of straight.

Basically looking for some guideline on how guys tune and review egt as I would prefer to learn without melting down an engine by trial and error.

How I’ve been taught to do it on my Yamaha…I believe the same principals apply though:

My understanding is you want the EGT to be as hot as possible. When you start to go too lean the temps will decrease just as they will when you are too rich. Start on the rich side and lean it out in very small increments until it doesn’t get any hotter then go slightly back to the rich side to have a small margin of error.

The other thing you have to look out for is the pattern on the temps not just max temp. You want the temps to start climbing as soon as you get on the gas an continue climbing the whole straight. If anywhere in the middle of that accelleration you see temps go down that’s a sign of detonation and you need more fuel.

Stick to those basics and you will be fine.