Ekartingnews not able to sign in or sign up?

I have been looking at the classifieds on ekartingnews.com but can not sign in or sign up seems site is having a issue anyone know someone that may be able to fix it?

So, to be fully transparent, Kartpulse isn’t responsible to anything over at EKarting News. You’ll need to reach out to someone over there to fix a site issue they have. We’re Kartpulse, not EKN. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to stay here to continue conversations about karting though!

EKN forums seem to have fallen into a black hole. Not sure why.

We’re not really connected with EKN, so we can’t help directly.

Have you tried to reach out to them? You could try and get them either on facebook messenger or via their link on the site for login issues


Try the usual things like checking your email spam folder etc in case you got a notification in there.

Thanks i use this site but the classifieds on that site is where i read on here to look for parts and things so i hoped someone would know someone or something to help.

Yea tried the link does nothing. I have not tried fb thanks maybe try that.

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I looks like it sends a mail to: [email protected]
You could try sending an email directly to that address.

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I been having issues signing in as well for a very long time, i gave up on them.

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Same here. I never use it anymore because I got tired of being unable to log in. Thank you KartPulse for forums that are user friendly and easy to log in to!

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It’s a shame, they had killer active forums before they updated their website in June or July of 2013. During the update, they sunsetted the active forums to eknclassic.com (which now also appears to be down :frowning: ) and started new ones based on the new wordpress website. We all had to sign up again, and at that point signups were a bit glitchy too and the update wasn’t well received by some… Although that’s not unusual for any kind of update.

I think ultimately they had to focus on other things, race coverage etc and didn’t have the resources to manage the forums and website as much as they would have likdes.

That along with bobs4cycle losing all of it’s data in that same year was the genesis of KartPulse in 2013.

Have you tried on a desktop or laptop. I noticed a month ago or so I was having trouble logging in on my iPhone. Then went to my laptop and I could log in and post.

Yea tried both desktop and laptop neither would work for me.

Thanks though for all the info everyone really appreciate it!

If you’re buying something, you could try searching the person’s name on facebook.
Also, here’s a topic with some resources for used gear:

I’ve been told multiple times by contacts that “they are working on it” but there never seems to be resolution.

As someone who races KT100 there lots of great platform specific info on the KT100 that is lost forever that was archived to the EKNclassics section which no longer works.

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Might be on waybackmachine.
Who’d like to take up that project?