Ellis Racing Products (radiators) - still in biz?

I bought a radiator from Scott yrs back that has been great, & now I am wanting to get another, but his site seems to have disappeared. There’s no “under construction” page, & even the site domain name doesn’t appear to be reserved anymore. Does anyone on this site know what’s going on with Scott Ellis & whether or not he’s still making radiators?

I spoke with Scott and he is no longer making any kart radiators. He could not cover his costs for the website with the low volume of business. It is a shame, he made a few radiators for my superkart and I was very happy with the product.

Yes, i found his email address & was able to verify that he’s no longer in husiness, which really bummed me out. His work is impeccable. I was really looking forward to getting another of his dual core radiators. My loss, for sure.