Engine coughing and spluttering

I run a pre evo rotax max senior, towards top end the engine quite often coughs and splutters at first I thought I was just hitting the revs limiter as it mostly happened around 12000+ but sometimes it does it around 11000 revs too so I know I’m not hitting the rev limiter.
Would this be a jetting / needle height issue? I currently have 160 jet and needle set on the lowest.
Any help would be much appreciated.

There’s no rev limiter on a Rotax. It just falls flat on its face past 13800 RPM.

160 on a pre-Evo engine on E10 pump gasoline sounds lean to me. If it’s popping right at 11000 RPM that’s near peak power for the engine.

I run the kart on E5

I thought the Rotax had a soft-limiter? On the prevo at least