Engine Parity

I’ve finally found a way to have engine parity in karting.

Have a kart race that starts at the top of South Grade Road on Mount Palomar and finishes at the base.

No engine is allowed. Race wheel to wheel the whole way down.

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I like it. You’ll probably have people complaining about spec bearings or bearing parity or something :smiley:

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You thinking more trike style?

Or homemade derby style?

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“The gravity is stronger on your side of the road”

It’s a scenic place…

The descent from the observatory to the taco stand at the bottom on a road bike is easily one of the most fun I’ve done. If you can tolerate the 6500ft of climbing up, or have someone to shuttle you to the top, I highly recommend it. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is always a fun topic in motorsports!
In my powerboat years, organizations were always looking to create classes to reduce the money-factor, but they usually failed until someone decided to limit speed!
Yes, you read right, certain classes are limited by speed, as in you cannot go faster than X. It worked.

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I think that would be a lot harder to enforce in circuit style racing. Bracket racing in drag racing is an interesting implementation.

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