Engine Warmup/Start procedure are the track

Hey guys I’m new to this. Finally after a year of getting a Kosmic/IAMEmy09 track worthy. On Sunday I’m going to be able to run it after getting an alignment. What is the procedure to warm up/start procedure when getting onto the track for practice/quali/races. I know basics obviously check mounts/oil mix/ect and to check temps and let it warm up but. Just wanna hear what everyone does.

Hi Ed,

Check your water level before you start the motor first time each day at the track, motor mounts check they’re tight. Apply chain lub to the chain. Have a general check over the kart - just make sure nothing else is loose like steering bits, wheel nuts etc Everything

On the trolley start the motor let it idle a short time then you can start blipping it gently, let the temperature rise steadily don’t rev the nuts off it cold.

On track just do a normal outlap warming the tyres, by the time your back at the start line you’ll be good to hammer it - X30 likes to run around 60 deg C. If you’re not getting it above 50 close some of the radiator over with a couple of strips of tape, don’t hammer it below 50 deg C.

I’ve never warmed up a kart in my life. Just an easy out lap or two under load. I love the smell of 2-stroke but I’d rather keep my lungs in reasonable nick than bathe in it unnecessarily. A lot of places ban the practise now. Bad for the ears too.

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But but the voices inside me make me do it :sweat_smile:


Lmao like napalm in tha mornin’ thanks guys I appreciate it! Super pumped but accepted I will be the Williams of the field for the first year lol

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The main thing is avoid going too hard on it when it’s still cold. In colder conditions, give it time for some heat to soak into the cylinder.

You can let it warm up on the stand if you like, won’t do any harm, just avoid revving the bejezus out of it, just give it a little throttle once in a while to clear it out.