Fathers Day Poll

Happy Fathers Day. Just curious where KP readers fall on this question…

What role do you have at the track?

  • I race but my children do not or don’t have children
  • I race with my children (same class)
  • I race separately from my children (different classes)
  • I don’t race but support / mechanic for my children

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My child is only 3 weeks old, and for some reason they don’t have a kart small enough for him yet… so I had to choose option 1, lol.


I used to race, in a different class than my child, but found it more enjoyable to watch her race and develop. Now it’s about spending more money on her, rather than splitting the budget.

I’m in the same boat as Michael. I raced sr rotax ages ago, I’d rather spend the budget on my son (and possibly daughter if she starts) than on me.

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Well I voted for race with my child but I could answer yes to 3-4 of the questions.

Currently racing in different classes. Patiently waiting for him to get to juniors so we can be similar speeds on track and go mix it up together in practice.