Feel free to judge my drive

Hello there! Really liked this race. What’s your guys opinion?

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Not much to say, took a while to find your rythm I think your tyres took time getting up to temperature? Nice line, smooth. Nice pass on #78 - you did well to keep it together through to kerbs afterwards, I was thinking he’d come back at you but maybe he was in the shadow realm? :joy::joy: Nice one.


You are pretty late on throttle everywhere.
You have the bad habit of putting a slight tap on the throttle in the entry, it messes up your entry speed.
You could be more aggressive on the brakes.

Fix those issues and you could do a 49s lap.

You are pretty passive on the race start


Some big aggressive overtakes out there. Where are you located Felipe?

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33s: Get out of my way! (#1 kart). :smiley:
This seems to happen a few times, fair amount of being pushed off corner.

By 3:00ish you have caught back up to the pack.

3:50 follows 11 through to move up a place.

6:00 pass onto start finish. A bit forced but it worked.

7:55 you are faster than the guy ahead (117). In your attempt to get by him you make a mistake here and lose a few kart lengths.

12:20 Nice save! That almost sent you to the grass.

13:50 final lap madness, you gain a spot entering t1. Looks like the final lap is gonna be fun. Ah wait it’s cool down now.

Nice race! You had a couple fun battles towards the end there, especially.

It seems really physical of a crowd, a lot of karts leaning on each other to make room. Looked good but I would say that it looked like there was “effort”, sort of across the field, not just you. It felt like everyone was in a rush to get by each other and forcing the issue. Not sure what to advise because there was always someone on your behind, badgering you. Gotta be a way to use that aggressiveness of everyone to your advantage.


Thanks for the reply! Yeah I was wondering the same, that he would strike back at the next turn but never saw him again lol the tyres was too cold at the beginning that’s why it took me a while to find the pace. I enjoy it anyway :sweat_smile::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for the tips! I’ll try to implement this. Specifically the throttle and braking issue!! For real.

Hey! Thanks for the comment. I’m located at São Paulo Brazil!

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I was going to say, the driving standards look Brazilian :joy: :+1:

Fun race to watch.

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Yeah it was a very intense race! I enjoy it! Hard to overtake and for sure it would be easy easy if I’ve had qualified better.