FFSA Karting - Heading south in Aigues-Vives

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A press release from: Fondation Julie Tonelli
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May 15, 2019

The FFSA Karting season 2019 continues at the foot of the Pyrenees Lavelanet circuit now called Aigues-Vives circuit. Under the sun returned for the finals, Luan Fernandez won the Coupe de France Senior, Thomas Ricci dominated the Masters Cup France while the Cup standings Gentleman of France was suspended without challenging the victory of Frederick Ostier. Meanwhile, Esteban Masson added another victory to his score in the Championship of France Junior.

Second appointment FFSA Karting this season, Aigues-Vives hosted from 10 to 12 May, 88 participants from the three Cups France on federal categories engine IAME X30. The weather deteriorated on Saturday morning for timed tests and first races disputed in the rain. The rest of the meeting was held on a dry track, a beautiful blue sky in honor of his presence final stages Sunday.

The Fondation Julie Tonelli for Children accompanied for many years supporting the FFSA karting competition in France. The Fondation Julie Tonelli participated in the decoration of the track and provides the cuts to the first three of each category and also makes a point of showcasing the drivers sporting the famous pink butterfly on the sidelines of the main action in favor of associations supporting children in need around the world.

Senior victorious Ascension Fernandez

Luan Fernandez has grown steadily since his 12th lap. Delayed by an incident in his sleeve 3rd, he upped the pace from the pre returning third following an incident in mind before taking the controls of the final before the mid-term. Author of the best rounds of two races, he won the Coupe de France in 2018 against the winner Yann Bouvier constant 2nd place. Nicolas Picot had made perfect innings and dominated the pre-final before being released on the last lap. He went back superbly to 3rd place in the podium. David Leguem lived a prefinal complicated by several incidents, but came back from 20th to 9th place in the final. Pointed to only 22nd after the heats, Antoine Mouzon made up for Sunday up until the 13th. Disappointment for Antony Dugue, 6th in the pre gradually lost ground in part of the 6th round of the final and finished 14th. Steven Servant demoted back of the pack in the prefinal, but regained 10 places in the final. Pierre Bredaux, 45th after the heats, won in fine style the League Cup with the best time to Bort and Jeremy Nathan Baudier, while Luna St. Pierre lacked some qualification in the final.

Ricci dominates about Master

Julien Poncelet started off well the meeting when the track was slippery. With the return of dry conditions, Thomas Ricci proved intractable. Poncelet gave everything he could to follow in the pre unable to attack. Ricci clinched the Cup of France Masters after a perfect final he won with 7 "ahead of his rival. Always present in the vanguard, Samy Nerguti accompanied them on the podium, while Vincent Arnould would again place himself in 4th place in the finals. 14th on the clock, Matthew Bourdon came home in the top 5 innings. Faced with a performance deficit on Sunday, he finished eighth in the final. Jérémie Delsol was losing time in the prefinal, but brushed the top 10 final. 8th in the pre Gilles Rimmaudo demoted to 12th place in the final. Sébastien Delorme pointed in the top 10 of the pre-final and improved before being weighed under the minimum weight.

Ostier winner suspended Gentleman ranking

Frédéric Ostier realized a very good run in the Gentleman despite spoiler penalty in the sleeve 2. Extremely fast, he won the pre-final and the final with more than 8 "ahead at the checkered flag. In the last race, Peter German was fighting for 2nd place and recovered the following an incident in front of him on the last lap. Within the scope of a technical disqualification due to a rule change at the start of the weekend at the motor bearings, Peter appealed the decision, which suspended the classification of the Coupe de France Gentleman. Although left on the clock, Yannick Le Moing knew some problems later before deréussir a nice up 10 places to 3rd place in the final. Jerome Roca was constant at the forefront and only a collision at the start of the final drop was in 6th position.

Junior Karting Masson says, speaking turns

The 3rd round of the Championship of France Junior Esteban Masson allowed to increase its dominance with a perfect record in mind. Speaking Mathis also revealed rapid than effective in 2nd place throughout the weekend. After missed lap, Macéo Capietto was making a great comeback in the third position, but failed to overtake Speaking. Gaspard Simon ensured a good performance in 4th position, while Louis Pelet undergoing a pre-final in track excursion before returning for the 16th to the 5th final position.

Provisional ranking after Aigues-Vives

  • 1- Esteban Masson - 150 points
  • 2- Macéo Capietto - 116 points
  • 3- Gaspard Simon - 101 points
  • 4- Louis Pelet - 82 points
  • 5- Arthur Rogeon - 78 points