First start of LO206 engine at the track

From reading and talking to other lo206 racers, at the end of the day, we should disconnect the fuel inlet and start the engine and run it till it stops when the fuel in the pump runs out.

The problem is then the next time one goes to start the engine, you are pulling and pulling to get the fuel back to the carb.

Any suggestions on how to quickly get the fuel back to the carb?

Thank you.

Take the vent line on the tank and blow into it until you see the fuel reach the carb. 3-4 pulls and off you go


Blowing into the fuel tank vent line like Lindsay said works great. I don’t like putting my lungs that close to the fumes so I have a big plastic 150mL syringe that I use to do the same thing. I just pull the plunger out, put the tip into the vent line and press the plunger down to pressurize the system and send fuel to the carb.

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I will go the syringe route. Not going to risk health.

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i did omething stupid last week , i took compressor and blev in to it the fuel was not getting in the carb so i loosend the line on the carb side and all the pressured air from the tank did so that fuel was like a pressure washer all over me and my kart , I leand that i should not loosen carb line when the tank is pressurised… i was alone and i ittarly was panicing bc i didnt know how to stop it,… finaly i unsreved the tank cap and it stopped :frowning:

Yeah using a compressor air feed can be risky. It would not be difficult to rupture the tank using a compressor air feed.

You barely need 1PSI to get the fuel to flow.

Last time, I just pulled the starter moderately slowly. Basically too slow to fire but not molasses either. I could watch the fuel move through the line each pull and then it fired right up on the first solid yank once I saw that it was primed. Granted, I had also tinkered with my throttle cable and had a wee too much tension on it, so it was like giving it some gas, I am going to revisit this approach next time. If it works with a properly set throttle cable, then it is an easy way to do it.

That does work, and is how I used to do it before I tried blowing in the vent tube last weekend - much faster and more ergonomically friendly!

I’ve personally never done this, drain the bowl. I only use non-ethanol fuel so I never have issues if it sits for a month. But to each their own. . . . I might do it if my kart was being stored for months on end. But where I live we race all year long.

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I only drain if we’re going to be sitting for a long time.

Even if I have alittle concern, I drop in some Seaform, and problem solved. Again, my Kart doesn’t sit all winter for 6 months plus . . .

I only drained the carb if we were using pump gas that weekend. My regular club runs ethanol free gas and i wouldn’t worry about draining that unless it was going to be sitting for weeks. As for getting the fuel back up I would blow into the vent line like everyone mentioned.

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