Floor pan bolts

hi, new guy here. I just bought a 1998 emmick cobra and it has some different bolts for the floor pan. they are allen bolts surrounded by a tapered aluminum collar. do any of you know were I could find them thanks, chuck

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Yep. Every kart shop will have them - they’re also used on the seat.

TonyKart doesn’t use them anymore. They just use flathead Allen screws and plain washers.

The tapered collars are call conical washers. Available at Comet Kart Sales, Franklin Motorsports or an other kart shop. The bolts are available at hardware stores. My preference is Ace.

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thank you guys, this is my 4th emmick. I raced back in the day and they never had conical washers. they do look pretty nice. thanks again, chuck

I would agree they look fancy, but they also are expensive for what they do and once they get a little “use” they look terrible. I would go with Charles on this one. A flathead screw or flathead allen and a washer does the same thing and can be had anywhere you buy hardware, use a fresh unlock on the top also with a washer.