Florida Sprint Kart Series - Google Calendar

I have created a Florida Sprint Kart calendar with public access. I have collected what I could from each of their websites for the following tracks; 103rd St-Jacksonville, Bushnell, Monticello, AMR-Homestead, Andersen-Palmetto and Tri-City-Clearwater and a few other one off races that I found including Daytona Kart Week 2022. I have included basic entry and track data where available and tried to get the times close, but verify data before traveling.



it would be cool if we can build a master list for the nation! If anyone travels and would want to hit certain series

lol, it took me like 6 or 7 solid research hours to create this one, i couldn’t imagine doing it for 47 more states.

If I started with a list of the active tracks, it would cut that time in half, but since I am new to the sprint kart world, I have to find all the tracks first, then find their 2022 schedules, then try to find race day schedules and costs.

Maybe I could expand to the ‘Southeast’…

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Oh hell no! I would not make you do that. I’m just saying it would be cool if we had a KP calendar that everyone could upload their series or a regions

We did once upon a time. Practically nobody bothered to update it with events though.


Not much to see there now, but It could do some neat stuff like class filters, date filters, radius search , event galleries etc etc.

But getting the source data supplied was like getting blood from a stone :joy:

Making the numbers work (Ie to hire someone) for something like this and the track directory is a problem I’ve been mulling over since 2013. I’ve put some of my own money in over the years, but could never bridge the gap.

You would think a forward-thinking business would sponsor such a thing and others like it… In practice, those sponsors seem to be hard to come by.

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I think you folks are planning a vacation from the frozen north down to sunny Florida, and really what he is building is a trip itinerary. :rofl:

Let me know when you get in town, I’ll run with you! :+1:

You, know…I think id like to help populate a revised karting calendar here instead on Google, or can it be migrated?

Also, can it be shared publicly without a log in to the site?

I can handle the SE and some east coast national stuff, we’d have to recruit others to help in their areas/states

I tried to sign into the link and put all of the Colorado events in. Let me know if there is a way I can do that.


I have added several national series to the calendar, and if you are interested in adding your own local races to the Calendar, I have dropped the FL title and just titled Sprint Kart races. Please DM me your email address and I can add you as an editor. If we can find a few dedicated racers, we can try to maintain the single largest sprint karting calendar!!