Fogged up visor

I just got a new Arai SK-6 helmet (Thanks TJ) and raced in the cold rain last weekend. My visor fogged up bad. Looking for advice to prevent. My old helmet had a visor design that didn’t really fog up like this so this is new for me. Will rain-x help this? I know it helps rain fly off but will it also help with fog? Do I put it on the inside of the visor also? is there maybe a special visor I’m supposed to get for rain? Lmk! Thanks in advance.

Make sure the little vents up top are open and yeah, use that rain-x anti fog on the inside.

There was a company called Cat Crap or something simular that I used when racing motorcycles. It was a circluar tin/ lip balm looking stuff that we used on our visors and its worked expediently well. Rub it on both sides of your visor. Apply once a month or so, can’t go wrong.

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Totally off topic, would that stuff work on dive masks? Gotta be worth a punt for ten bucks

That’s eh, that’s quite a name.

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Yes, I dive as well and I’ve used on diving masks; works great.


Ah… the dive mask comment made me think… I believe i have a stick of some stuff for my dive mask. Not sure if it’s cat crap but it worked. Thanks all. If I can’t find it I’ll try the cat poo and/or rain-x anti fog. Appreciate the advice!

This is my go to.

Use Johnsons baby Shampoo. This is literally what NASA uses on Astronauts Helmets.


I use that on my dive mask. Not sure about swilling my helmet out with water before each session :joy:

Or spitting on it! Ha.

That’s what she said… :innocent:

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