Forum Improvements: Reactions and Locations

Over the last weekend a sleuth of updates had to be run on the server and forums, which also gives us opportunity to add new plugins/features…


We had this before but had to remove it for a while. Now it’s back! This is probably the most practical feature (Especially as we add classifieds soon). Make sure you update your profile with your location (State/region or country as you prefer) for a better experience connecting with people in the “real” world.

Over time this creates cool maps of topics by location:

These can then be filtered by forum category in case you get super curious about who might be the chassis or engine guru around you.

A map of forum members can be found here: KartPulse: Karting’s Community Hub

To add a location to your profile go to your Avatar/Preferences/Profile/Location


By hovering/holding down the heart icon you can react to topics and posts.

Try on this topic :slight_smile:

What other things would you enjoy or find useful?

I was wondering how you sent an emoji without the usual (20 characters). Nice!

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Did I do it right? changed my location to MA in settings

how do I access this map?

Doesn’t look like it updated… hmm

Try updating it from this link,

There’s a few different options…

This one is a summary of any/all topics tagged with a location:
In some categories you’ll see a “Map” menu item up top
(Not working right now) Map of users

I am trying to enter Missouri location and it keeps saying I am trying to many times. I will not accept Missouri

I just updated it for you now. It’s a bit glitchier than I’d like, you kinda have to wait it out a second while it populates locations.

The error for trying too many times is interesting.


I like the map - works great now.

Updated today with a user map. Of course it depends on the amount of people that have entered a location :smiley:

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