Forum Software Updates and improvements. Read-only Mode, Occasional Downtime

Updates: Read-Only mode.

Recent surges in traffic have caused us to do some work on the forums. A good problem to have :smiley:
While we’re doing this, I figured it’s as good a time as any to do some of planned updates that I think you’ll enjoy. Details on those: HERE

While this is going on, you might see read-only mode appear, or even a brief outage.
Don’t worry, nothing will be lost. We’re just working on some things that require us to pause the system occasionally.

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Just out of curiousity, what’s with the green circle around my icon?

I think it means you’re online. I haven’t had a chance to look at the full changelog yet.
We’re moving from discourse 1.9.x to 2.x beta

Nerdy stuff is here if it’s your thing. These two together should cover the core changes.

Update details

  • Moving to faster server

  • Code updates that make the forums even more data efficient on marginal connections (ie the track)

  • “Who’s online icons” on homepage

  • “Someone is typing a reply”

  • User-selectable themes

  • Category consolidation and purge

  • Circling back for feedback (some questions on the renaming of categories and perhaps what to consider in the next set of updates)

  • Homepage layout set to categories

  • “My Posts” menu up top to easily get to your own posts.

  • Email digest set to one week (3 days was the default, too often IMO)

  • Support from Briggs Racing (More to come)

  • Made category labels more noticiable

  • Top menu store link

Under consideration…

  • Donate icon