FR 125 MAX parts list

I looked and cant find things. New to me kart and trying to get the details cleaned up. Looks like there is a coolant leak on the right front of the motor just above the frame. A bolt missing?, cannot find a comprehensive breakdown so I can see whats there, missing, gaskets, etc, I spent some time looking, any help is much appreciated,


Try here

I looked at that 20 times, now its a little later and a beer, I see what I didnt before, I gotta pull some stuff off to find the issue.

Thanks Richard,


Can you post a pic of the leakage and where you think it’s coming from?

I think I know what you mean. its a control hole for the whaterpump. if the bearing is done the water is coming through it. so in this case you have to change the seals for the whater pump

Now that I look closer its coming from higher up, gotta remove the carb to be able to see, and in the car world its called a weep hole, I like the term control hole tho,


Just show us a picture

Working on it, I am very new to this

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35mm ? Hahaha

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