Frequency of Changing out your LO206 Consumables . .

Just out of curiosity, how often are you folks changing out consumables like your axle bearings, fuel lines, clutch springs, clutch shoes, and brake pads? What about tires? Do you swap out, flip them, or run them until you notice a change in performance?

For me I put in new fuel lines, axle bearings, and brake pads when I bought my kart used, and they seem to be holding up almost one year later. But of the rest of the stuff, I’m curious to see how often you folks are swapping these out?

Axle bearings: every off season and if they get chunky during the year.

Fuel line: If it gets hard. Use Freeline or Kartech or Tygon and never worry about it.

Brake pads: when they get under half.

Shoes: never unless I run Battle at the Brickyard or Elkhart GP

Springs: If I change shoes.

Tires: run flip run trash

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Burpo is spot on. Since you guys race all year long down there in the south, maybe every off seaon should say “once a year”.

Axle Bearings and Front Hub Bearings = Every offseason
Fuel Lines = Every offseason
Clutch = Put a new one on in the winter and make your old one your spare one.
Tires = Depends on what you are doing. National Race? Frsh ones for qualifying. Club race? Until they lose grip.

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I also agree with the above. Every “offseason” I do a 100% teardown and rebuild.

Rear Axle Bearings = Just bit the bullet and bought hybrids. The were pricey but a lifetime warranty and $45 rebuilds.
Front Hub Bearings = Every offseason
Fuel Lines = Every offseason
Clutch = I service, sand drum, pick out shoes, look at springs (swap if necessary), relube needle bearings and blow out any material
Tires = Exactly what Derek said
Engine = I remove from the chassis and keep in the house