From 8th to first here is the go pro from my last race

dang you picked out the field so quickly, seemed like your breaking points were much later than everyone else. Great drive!

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thanks i was just smoth on the wheel so i culd brake late and still be in controll

Did you write down the air density and the jetting in your carb? You apparently had the right combination. I’m sure your tires were a big help too, did you write that down?
Corner weights and percentages would be a big help too, write it all down.

There is software available to save all this information, let me know if you’re interested…

no also we were on crap tires so they slowed us down more than helping us

“Crap tires” even mmore reason to write down the air density and jetting!

Doing that well (assuming everybody else was reasonably close) there had to be a reason! I think I must be assuming correctly that you don’t have any super secrets?

One other thing, do a compression check, what ever it is it must be right. Check it after every race, Write it down…

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its a lo206 so most of the engines are exactly the same the my advantage was that i race 2 strokes normally so the lo feels like slo motion so its easy to drive smooth and not slide

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Driving was part of it, you were doing will, but driving doesn’t account for you passing people down the straight, looks to me like you had lots of top end. Maybe gear ratio, could be tuning also. I see you had a gauge, did have an EGT on it?

I’d hhave to consider that everything was just right, now for the next race, how are you going to remember what “just right” was? I’d bbe writing down the air density in the air/fuel mixture. Jetting! Tire pressures! Gear ratios! Clutch stall RPM! Tread width, front and rear!

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Forgot to ask, why did you start in the back of the pack?

Nice work. Looked like everyone else was standing till, almost. It is neat how going from fast to slower karts makes them seem “easy”.

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no its a lo206 also its a stock moter thats never been tuched the only thing we changed was sprokets

ya they track was slick so everyone was under or over driving but i found the perfect middle ground

I could see that, but it doesn’t account for that top end you showed!

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i had different sprockets so i had slower acceleration but better top end

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This is maybe a stupid question, but why are some of karting running fronts on the rear, are they a different class or do the rules there allow it?

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Nice driving. What a great track - fast and flowing without the mickey mouse chicanes.

The back straight probably feels like a Sunday drive to Grandmas on an lo206. That is a loooooong back straight. Such a beautiful place.

I can think of one good reason why they’re doing it, one way bearings. In 1971 I did that to my margay and my enduro kart. It lets the outside wheel overrun the speed of the axle. In a straight line, if you let off, the engine doesn’t get driven by the axle, so the engine drops to an idol, but you don’t slow down right away. You need dual brakes, one on each wheel, otherwise you can’t stop. I’m pretty sure IKF had a rule against that arrangement. I think it while violate the live axle rule.

Al, I don’t understand. The bearings only spin in one direction?

That’s right. If you had the one way bearings in the wheel, if you turn the wheels one way they would drive the axle, the other way they would not. Worked real good in my kart back in the 70s. My design had problems so I went back to the standard way, that and lack of fundsIt’s to redo it.