Front hub slide

Looking for reasons why I suddenly started to have front hub slide and ways to prevent it. It came off two times during practice sessions at RAKC over the weekend. I didn’t mess around at all with the front end this season and always checked to make sure my hubs were never loose. I looked for any visible flaws in the front hub assembly but found nothing. Has anyone had this issue and what did you do to fix it. Thanks

looks like a broken key. if the key had only one peg and broke in 1/2 at the hole nearest the brake rotor, the key would then cut into the hub as the pic shows…with no key the hub would work it’s way off… use a new hub and make sure you have a two or three peg key and everything is dry when you tighten it up on the brake hub… blue loc tight wouldn’t hurt either… be sure to check and replace the other side too…

Drill and tap the hub for a set screw above the axle key. Make sure you tighten the hub before the set screw and your hub won’t move.

Call me ignorant but have you checked that your hub and fusee (don’t know the English word) are completely clean? In my racing history, a sliding wheel was always the consequence of greasy parts.

I know after the first time it came off, the key was still there. The second time it happened at high speed and the key was lost at that point.

I’m going to try this. Thanks much!

There wasn’t any evidence of excessive grease/oil, and never had this happen in all the years in racing. However removing my hubs before each racing weekend and making sure these are completely oil free is now added to my checklist.

I’ve used 40mm collars in the past to keep it from sliding also hose clamps in a pinch.

You may also try using a bit of antiseize on the pinch bolt for the hub. In my experience the aluminum can bind and gall with the steel bolt and not give an accurate torque when tightening. A bit of antiseize insures thread lubrication and proper torque.