Fuel for Rok VLR / KA 100

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what fuel are you guys using for the Rok VLR. Been reading and heard lots of things about lead vs unleaded, gas pump vs racing fuel, octane and ethanol vs no ethanol. What have you guys tried and are using? My club recommended leaded racing fuel but pricing really makes me look for alternatives as long as it does not decrease engine health / longevity.



Leaded fuel can help with longevity in a two stroke as the lead forms a dry lubricant of sorts. It’s good for the bearings and can give you a little protection against seizure.

On the other hand it’s also a known neurotoxin.

What club/track do you run at?

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Our club runs 93 with no issues.


This is a topic that has been hashed out before both specific to 100AC as well as a topic in general. Generally, pump gas with ethanol is not used / illegal if they do a fuel test. Non-ethanol pump gas may be okay but some areas may only have 91 octane which may be a little low. There are non-leaded race fuels but in my experience cost as much or more than leaded so it’s a deal where what do you do. Depending on where you are from you may find race gas in bulk which can cost less than a 5gal pail.

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Thx James, I raced at Kartplex, Western Canada.

Thx Robert, I did see some topics aboit this but I since was told that the VLR in particular likes the leaded fuel I wanted to double check here. I had no idea about the ethanol. Thx