Gearup F-Series: 2019 Season Pass Deals to Include Brand New Vortex Motors


(James McMahon) #1

On the East Coast, the F-Series and Vortex have put together a pretty good deal that includes a motor and all entry\practice and pit pass fees for the entire season.

Here’s the press release, there’s also a discussion topic here


The holidays are clearly upon us as we just found out the presents have arrived early! This may be some the best promotions we have ever seen when it comes to racing at the F-Series. As we are all very aware from ads and deals presented to us from retailers somehow the financial benefit is not always what it seems. That is not the case with this promotion we can promise if you do the math you will find out these are incredible deals!

Vortex Mini Rok: 2019 Gearup Season Pass: $1999

  • 2019 All-in Gearup Season Pass.
  • 7 races.
  • 6 Practice Days.
  • 13 Pit passes.
  • Brand new Vortex Mini Rok engine.

Vortex Rok Shifter: 2019 Gearup Season Pass: $3999

  • 7 Races.
  • 6 Practice Days.
  • 13 Pit Passes.
  • Brand new Rok Shifter engine.

NJ State Championship: Vortex VLR 100cc: $2199


New 100cc class for the NJ state championship.

  • 10 Races.
  • 10 Practice days.
  • Brand new Vortex VLR engine.

Link to the deal:

Rok VLR Durability/Rebuilds
(Chris Bany) #2

I’ve read mention of this on facebook; Andre offered a very similar package in 2014 for a 6 race Rok Series in FL. I think I paid $3,700 which included a new shifter engine package, 6 race entries, tires, and maybe some fuel/oil as well. It worked in FL – we saw good fields of kart.

I wish Rok Cup would again offer a similar series, at similar price, here in Florida.