Good regional series near me?

I live in Boston MA, and am looking to try some regional events to dip my foot in the water. I currently race NHKA at NHMS and Canaan. Also raced the X1 outdoor club, dont know if thats still a thing. What tracks and engine class should I try at these races? (Id have to change classes as I race WF right now, which hardly exists anywhere else)

I have hear Dom (@Bimodal_Rocket) talk about the F-Series in the New England Area. Perhaps he can shed some more light on it.

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@E13 I participated in their Club races which is sort of a more “local” series thats held just at NJMP and E-Town.

However, I believe Mr. Fine is correct in that the Regional F-series, or Gear-Up, did/does indeed have a leg in Boston.

Let me ask Marco on Discord if they do that still.

“Boston seems to be closed without a reopening date in sight. If a racer is on Connecticut or lower State Championship is a good idea if not more both NHKA is a nice option.”

Yeah, I’ll second the NHKA. Really awesome bunch of guys up that way if coming west is off the table for him
-Justin D

I’ll definitely be sticking with the NHKA series this year, but sounds like I could try one of the gear-up events. any favorite tracks that they visit? Ive heard X1 is for sale but it may just be a rumor.

You sure could. I think they are 3 day events. Not sure where they go so looked it up:

Any idea where I can get practice days near me? NHKA has 1 day race events with 5 minutes of practice before qualifying. X1 had practice days but theyre closed

Only places remotely close that offer practice days are OVRP in New York and Englishtown Raceway in New Jersey. Englishtown is scheduled to hold their first 2021 practice day in a couple weeks, weather permitting. OVRP opens up later in the month or early April.

As for regional series in the Northeast: the GearUp F-series as mentioned above, the Rotax Stars and Stripes Trophy which has 4 events scheduled at OVRP, United Karting BWI, LaFayette, and NJMP. There is also the Spartan Mid-Atlantic series with races supposedly scheduled later in the season.

Elias - Not sure how far you are looking to travel but here is info on the Spartan Series Charles mentioned.

As I recall you are running LO206? I’m not sure where that fits into all this for you.

World formula. I’d like to keep traveling to a minimum but I just got my drivers license so I can probably go within 5 hours.