Good You Tube channels for newer karters

I have watched a number of videos by Power Republic and they seem solid, am I wrong?

Are there any other YouTubers I should checkout?

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That’s a great question. Derek at power republic does a great job, so you’re on the right track.

If you’re running a Briggs 206, point karting’s channel has some good practical guides.

Is there anything specific you can think of that you’re looking to learn more about?

Well, getting back up to speed after 20 years off, it all is helpful. But, chassis setup, as that was my weakness back then. Also, I have pretty much set in for the KA100 as my power unit to start. I have found the overhaul manual and install guide for the KA100, but watching a few vids on the KA100 would be not only helpful, but entertaining. I’m a motorhead, and a 2 stroke chauvinist.

I’m guessing that there have been changes in tires, and even gear in the last 20 as well.

I’m working on a massive chassis setup video at the moment. Not sure if I’ll get it filmed tonight but hoping so.

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Cool, I’ll subscribe and look for it.