Happy New Year KP

Happy new year to you all. What better way is there to spend New Year’s Night?


How long a drive to Yas?

From my house, 25 minutes

Lucky 20 characterss

Do you have any videos of this track?

Just this one, wasn’t geared right and very cautious - track was super dusty and those barriers bend race karts easily.

The f1 track is crazy in its tight turn to speed bits. Is the kart track equally insane to gear for?

Like ovrp has a really tight hairpin but also a long straight. Can’t gear for both.

No the kart track is really just twisty, that vid was the first runs after it was closed for Covid last year, we were the first on track. My kart was geared for our usual track which was closed still, I was on a 7.8 ratio and barely hitting 12k, could’ve gone to 8.3 or maybe even 8.4 but that day was just about blowing cobwebs away.

So much fun last night, did 3x 15m rental sessions. Last session we let all the other rentals go ahead during the outlap then formed ourselves up heaviest first (me :joy:) for a rolling start and battling with each other whilst making our way through the others that we’d let go ahead. To add to the fun it rained most of the day so the rumble strips were still full of water, if you went just a little bit wide no grip at the next turn. Awesome night :sunglasses:

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