Head temperature for ROK VLR 100

Our track in Tucson had an ambient temperature of 105 when I was breaking in my new VLR 100. I pushed my last 2 laps (out of 12) and had a maximum head temperature on my Micron 5 of 271. I bought the Micron for use with my Rotax Evo and did NOT buy the version which has a connector location for EGT. In a prior post, I found the ROK operators’ manual nearly useless for operators; consistent with that prior observation, I can find no information on maximum safe head temperature. Does anyone know what that upper limit should be? By way of example, the Rotax manual sets the maximum coolant temperature at 185 (previously 175).

While I don’t have any hands on experience with the VLR there’s no question that 271 is dead cold. Again I’m not being specific but I’m certain that you can run 325+ safely. I’m probably being overly cautious at that.

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Agree with Greg. When we used to run head temp on air-cooled motors we regularly saw 350-ish on Yamaha or HPV. Different engine, but 271 should be a fairly cool temp.

Greg and TJ – Thanks, big time. I thought I might have blown it.