Header muffler keeps coming loose

Hey guys,
so lately the muffler at the end of our header on our LO206 keeps coming loose. We pull it towards the end as hard as we can and then tighten it down. It seems to hold but when he comes back in off the track it is loose again. What are we doing wrong? It just started about 3 races ago.
Also,is there any power loss when it does this?

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What kind of engine do you have?

Sorry, It is a LO206

I kinda figured but didn’t want to assume. You’re not alone but it’s solvable.

First thing is to make sure the system is installed and well supported @Eric_Gunderson1 has a video for that here:

At this point, you might find the threads in the head are a bit loose, so it’s worth checking them for condition to see if they need to be cleaned up or perhaps even brought to a larger thread. Some folks do this as a preventative measure.

You can also try high temp locking compound and locking washers, although I’m not sure how much they help. Of course you need to consider that you’ll have to have the bolts heated when you try to remove them if you have high temp thread locker on there.

Thanks for the comment. First year of 206 so I apologize in advance if I miss understand anything.
I will check the bolts again but when I did a brief look over this evening everything seemed fine.
I did watch the video but didn’t see him comment on the actual piece that I have loose.

I have attached a picture of the Muffler part that keeps loosing up.

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Gotya, I did see muffler in your title but wasn’t sure if you meant the whole system by it.

The muffler on my 206 has a hose clamp on it where it joins the pipe. It’s been well behaved for a few years.

Sounds like you already have a clamp on there though.

I have taken a picture of the way my muffler is. I have it pulled out as far as I can and tightened the bolt and it still seems a little loose.

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I wonder if clamping/compressing the end of the muffler, ever so slightly might help.

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Try moving the muffler clamp closer to the engine. It appears that it is on part of the muffler that wasn’t intended to be compressed.
Is the clamp loosening during your track sessions or does it come be tight?

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Make sure the pipe and muffler are clean and free from rust. Give it sanding if needed. Otherwise the rust is keeping the 2 from mating and it will loosen when the rust dislodged. I would also get a new clamp. My son’s stayed in place until the baffles broke. We have never had to tighten. So it’s sounds like you need a fresh start.

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Move that clamp further back. Also where the muffler slides onto the header you can bend those “tabs” slightly. It tightens on the header a little better.

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I’ve seen this a lot. From the picture above it looks like you have the muffler fitted on the header pipe way too far. The muffler clamps onto the first part of the header pipe. Where you have it fitted right now is on the narrower section. You need to be clamped on the first 1.5”- 2” of the pipe. Also make sure you slide the clamp a little more closer to the end of the muffler so that it can clamp around the tabbed part of the muffler.