Helmet Ratings

I am in the market for a new helmet. My club says SA2015 or equivalent. I am having a hard time finding a chart that shows me equivalent.

One helmet I am looking at has Snell-FIA CMR-2016, and another has a Snell K2015 Rating.

Would any of you know this info?

Also, would be helpful to save a buck, if anyone has a good used helmet for sale I would be interested.

I sent you a message about some helmets i have for sale.

It’s K or SA2015 rating at the moment. K is for karting rated helmets, so without Nomex. SA is the standard for Nomex or fireproof auto helmets. M2015 might also be allowable at some clubs.

CMR refers to child-specific helmets, so unless you have a tiny head, that probably wouldn’t be a good call. These are smaller shells and usually extra small sizing.

Snell 2020 rated helmets will be coming the end of the year so if you can wait a little, there might be some smoking deals coming on 2015 rated helmets. Helmet ratings are usually good for 10 years, so the 15s are still good until 2025.

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Thanks TJ. I was over at Innovative yesterday working with Scott! Picked up my new engine!

I didn’ even realize it was a childs helmet I was looking at.

Thanks for the message Matt!!

If you find any smoking deals, do you think you could let me know?

I got a buddy selling a lightly used ZAMP RZ-42 56cm small. Snell 2015. 150 pay for shipping. I think he used it 6 times total.

Just watch the safety gear outlets of your choice near the end of the year and I’m sure there will be closeout specials.

I will be offering some deals on select 2015 Arai helmets when the 2020 ratings come out.

Matt, thanks for the tip, that is the helmet I have now. It will be for sale soon too.

The bottom of the helmet has this drop down and it hits on my neck brace, keeps me from looking down. Thanks again