Help me to start karting in Switzerland!

HI all, new member here :slight_smile:

I’m writing this down hoping you can help me out to solve some of my doubts about moving to Switzerland.

I think for the purpose of this post is worth mentioning I have a Swiss nationality. though I’ve been living my whole life in a south American country.

the question is if with a salary of 88k CHF (which is the average salary for my profile) is enough to live and race in Rotax, x30 or any other pro category in Switzerland starting from scratch (I only have part of the equipment as the racing suit, shoes, gloves, and rib protector. No kart, no engine ).

As far as my experience, I can say I’m 25 but I just recently started karting in the country I’m based right now. I have my own kart here and I’m racing an amateur league with a Rotax engine.

To be honest I want to move to a more serious category as I consider that will help me out to reach a new level (I’ve been winning my series recently and I’m feeling quite stuck ). Albeit, racing here in Rotax or any pro category is far more expensive than in other places around the world, that is why I would like to know if moving to Switzerland would make things a little bit easier.

thanks in advance for your help.


I have a buddy in Switzerland. I’ve forwarded him this thread, hopefully he can give you some pointers.

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Hi Alejandro,

I’m living in Switzerland too. Restoring Pre2000 Karts. I’m able to help you with my little knowledge here. I’m not racing. Here is my email: [email protected]



thanks a lot for your fast reply. all help is really welcome :slight_smile:

@Alejandro_Corredor_A @Pablo130R

Would you mind sharing your discussion on the forums so others in Switzerland looking to get started can find out too?