Help with cadet setup

I’ve recently got my 2 boys into Lo206 cadet karts. I’ve searched and searched all over but can’t seem to find anything on a starting point for front and rear track width and general setup on tony kart/kosmic cadet chassis. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated

Just want to confirm, these are the 950 “rookie” or the 1010 “Nordix”

Sorry they’re 950 rookie

The default axle length for a cadet is 960 mm, so I’d start with the hubs flush against the end of the axle if you have a 960mm axle. If not, I’d set them there to start. For the front, start with half the spacers inside the hub and half outside. From there, you adjust and see what works better. Keep in mind that in general terms, adjustments are zero-net-sum, meaning that adding more grip in the front will generally loosen the rear and vice versa. If you widen the front, you’ll add a little more grip to the front, and that’ll loosen the rear. It’s not that simple or straight-forward, but you’ll find that inverse relationship for the most part. You can also adjust ride heights, caster, camber, air pressure, axle stiffness, rear hub lenght, and several other items, but you’ll want to be careful to not adjust a bunch of things at once and that your driver is driving consistently so you can measure the results of your changes.