Help with no spark condition

Anybody know how to check a stator on a power pack IAME set up? Ive replaced the coil, power pack and have taken the stator out and checked all wiring going to it for breaks. Non detected. Now im just needing to know which wires to test and what readings i should be getting. Thank you all for your time.

In lieu of the info for resistance etc…Couple of questions

Do you have an idea of what RPM it’s cranking at?
How have you determined there’s no spark (Not doubting you, but it can be very hard to see)

Not sure on the cranking rpm on start. Pulled plug and grounded out on head while cranking. With mostly all lights out in my shop. (Accept for enough light so i dont get bit by the spark!)

Unlikely to be the cause, but have you checked to following?

  1. Ground wiring. Power Pack to engine case & the coil back to the case.
  2. Excessive crank shaft runout.

Because you could have received a defective part, try to swap both the pack and coil at the same time with another motor.