Heres a random vid from last race

Oliver, is the weather good enough to kart in NC this time of year? Thinking of heading down to amp or gopro (or both).

ya the cold is good practice at go pro cuz on most race days qali is in the morning and its always cold

is you come down to amp any time its the same also if you do end up at amp message me before and i could come to practice that day and teach u the track a bit cuz kart craft has wired breaking zones compared to irl

Thank you. I have been ordered to take my son and scamper for a bit so my spouse can have the house to herself.

Road trip!

Now to find nice lodging.


Do you know who is in charge of their rental karts and/or rental for comp karts? AMP
Figured I’d call or email to see if I can get something arranged.

Btw that was nice of you to scoot 14 the tough the turn.

ya they have rentals and u can rent race karts