Highlights thread

So I know we have a videos thread, but I thought a thread to just post your highlights or cool short videos (wrecks, passes, close calls) could be fun.
I’m really proud of this pass down below, it’s at 10:30 in the video.

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That’s a good idea. No one should be forced to suffer long form video content to get at the important stuff. 20 laps of yours truly puts even me to sleep, literally.

@E13 Youtube Mobile Timestamp Link Generator

Set start point on mobile


Nice pass indeed.

The only full videos I can watch are mine, and Ryan norbergs. Totally get it. I’ll try that out with the time stamps

I made this for Keith Buffo when he was helping out with NHKA

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Keith’s on here?! Oh boy hope I haven’t said anything bad about him😂
He just moved recently so I think that may have been his last NHKA. Awesome guy, he finally gave DRT a shot this year and was top 5 a lot

I’m probably the only person who can watch all my videos multiple times

I don’t think he’s on the forums but he helped a lot with KP before the forums were a part of it.