Hiring a Team Manager / Mechanic in Miami, FL

We are looking to hire a Team Manager/Mechanic with CDL to start immediately. The position is based in the Miami, FL, area and will require travel. Josh is currently competing in the AMR Motorplex Karting Challenge at Homestead and will be moving up. Please share with anyone you know who may be interested!

JRD Racing, LLC is hiring a Team Manager/Mechanic to oversee operations for the team and driver Joshua Dickens. The position is based in Miami, FL, and requires past experience with kart racing and the ability to operate the team transporter (CDL required). The ideal candidate is dependable, experienced and able to mentor a young driver as he develops. The Team Manager/Mechanic is expected to represent the company in a professional manner at all times while working on the road and in the shop.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Overall preparation and maintenance of kart racing team
  • Perform repairs, modifications and improvements to karts and equipment between events
  • Monitor team needs, spare parts, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Maintain cleanliness and general presentation of transporter and all equipment
  • Transport karts and equipment to events in team transporter
  • Maintain race schedule, travel, etc.
  • Submit all event registrations, applications, etc.
  • Work with driver coach including sharing videos (GoPros on karts) and lap times for review to maximize driver development
  • Complete all logs, expense reports and other administrative duties in a timely manner
  • Travel for tests, races and other events as needed


  • Experience in kart racing
  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and ability to operate team transporter
  • Mastery of mechanical skills and use of equipment
  • Strong leadership and ability to mentor young driver
  • Organized, dependable and forward-thinking
  • Effective communicator
  • Knowledge of DOT, DMV, State and Federal highway safety rules and regulations
  • Flexible schedule to work non-traditional hours, weekends, holidays, etc. based on race schedule
  • Clean driving record and satisfactory background check
  • Permanent resident of southeast Florida / Miami area

Company Benefits:

  • Paid time off + holidays (around race schedule)
  • Health, dental, vision insurance
  • 401k retirement program

Dayummmm that’s a great opportunity for someone :call_me_hand:t3:


Indeed! Man it would be fun to work in motorsport. I shared with a pal in FL.

You could ditch the Sheikh and his fleet and come be a kart guy, Richard.

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PTO and benefits, nice. Moved to classifieds, hope you find someone.

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I would in a heart beat :joy:

Yeah. The kids tho. Love em but they do get in the way of dreams. Guess we’ll just have to piggyback on theirs!


if you cant be an f1 driver might as well wrench on a future f1 driver. Id love to have this job, although I live in MA, am 17, and have little experience working and tuning karts. other than that id be a great fit!


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