Honda multi-pack clutches - when do you change them?

Silly question (for a car anyhow) - when it starts to slip. But this is my first motorcycle style clutch and I’m not sure why it is behaving this way…

It holds power just fine, no slipping. I can change gears up and down fine (other than down into 1st at speed). However, neutral is harder to find than ever. You have to put it in first, then just gently nudge it to get it into neutral, and it goes in about every third try.

So, would changing it out make any difference? Or do you just wait until it starts slipping to do that?

Is this a wet clutch on a moto, or a dry one on a KZ\Rok etc? (Edit I see you have a Honda)

The clutch shouldn’t really affect finding neutral. Although it wouldn’t hurt to check if the plates are sticking with the clutch pulled in.

Otherwise, before you crack open the cases you can look at your linkage and see if you can increase he throw some so you have more movement of the lever between gears, making it a little easier to find neutral.

Clutch wear has nothing to do with not being able to find neutral. That’s 100% controlled by the trans fluid you’re using. Usually have that problem when it’s too thick.

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