How do you get tickets to join invitational races? (Rotax Finals etc.)

Maybe it’s because events like the Rotax Finals are all over my newsfeed, but I just realized that I don’t really clearly understand the process to get tickets for events like that.

I mean I understand in principle. Win the series that has the ticket, and win the ticket, but I’ve never really been able to know which series offers those tickets as a prize.

Is it just a series by series thing, or is it something more structured than that?

In the UK the tickets were allocated via the national Rotax series.more details about qualification can be found here

Are you referring to the Stars and Stripes rotax events?
Our fastest guy John went to Brazil last year for the rotax event there. To qualify he had to win a Stars and Stripes event I think.

"RMCGF 2019 seats will be awarded by a qualification from international or national events
executed by ROTAX. Responsible distributors may split up the granted seats among their
territories. The organizer, after the ROTAX approval in written, reserves the right to offer wild
cards and driver packages to drivers according to criteria as it deems fit.
c) Drivers participating in the RMCGF 2019 must hold at least a “National Driver License “ and a
“National Entrant License” supplied by an ASN which is a member of the CIK-FIA. According
to the FIA-CIK International Sporting Code all entrants and drivers who wish to take part in an
international event can only do so with the approval of their own ASN. This authorization shall
be given by the ASN concerned in such form as they might deem convenient.
d) The RMCGF 2019 is an national restricted Event with foreign participation (ENPEA), by
invitations controlled by ROTAX.
e) Expenses for the supplied karts, engines, tyres, petrol and entry fee for qualified drivers of the
RMCGF 2019 is covered by ROTAX and its distributors.
f) Qualification and registration conditions to RMCGF 2019 according chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8.
125 Micro Max, 125 Mini MAX, 125 Junior Max, 125 Senior MAX, 125 MAX DD2 and 125 MAX DD2
Masters. The overall winner of each national RMC class (125 Micro Max, 125 Mini MAX, 125 Junior
Max, 125 Senior MAX, 125 MAX DD2 and 125 MAX DD2 Masters) with authorisation in writing from
ROTAX may qualify.
Additional drivers can qualify via international Rotax Max Challenges. The number of qualifying
drivers must be defined in the sporting regulation of the respective race series.
The overall winner of each national RMC MAX DD2 Masters and/or Senior MAX-Masters class
and/or the overall best placed Masters driver (fulfilling the age limits for a Masters category) of a
national RMC MAX or DD2 class with authorization in writing from ROTAX may qualify. "

In America you need to win the Stars & Stripe race hosted by J3 competition or Rtxkarting if you live in the south.

For rotax you have to win the sanctioned event, in the US that’s by J3 or RTX (or finish second if the winner already has a ticket etc). They can also do wildcard entries but it has to be approved by Rotax (I now see Alan put this bit).

ROK, I’m pretty sure anyone can enter but ROK USA offer tickets at a few events.

IAME, definitely anyone can enter but I think SKUSA and USPKS offer tickets.

But, a ticket is not necessarily the same value. Rotax is effectively turn up with you race gear and tools. I don’t know the details of ROK or IAME but I think the ticket is just the entry fee, maybe race tires, maybe race fuel. You have to find a kart to use and you might have to find engines (i’m not at all sure and its not clear from the press releases offering tickets).

Nik is right. Rotax Grand Finals is like the Olympics of karting. All of the countries that have Rotax karting participate. Each country gets a certain amount of tickets. The distributors in each country run events to determine who goes. Rotax provides equal equipment to everyone. It really is pretty amazing.

Iame is similar on driver selection, but the driver brings their own kart/engine. So it gets back to paying big bucks for the right engine and support.

ROK is a free for all. Tickets (entry fees) are often rewarded at certain events in different countries. But at the end of the day anybody can register and go. And the driver again is responsible for bringing their own kart and engine. Back to the big bucks thing.

We have won a ticket to ROK before but would have cost us at least $20k to try to win that race. Not worth it. We are at Rotax right now and are only in for about $500 so far between some fitment parts for the Kart and fines.


@Jim_Maier good luck to you all

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I’d love to see a breakdown of that if you’d be willing to share.

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He’d either have to ship his stuff or run with team. I’d hazard a guess running with anything like a top team arrive and drive would be at least $15k and then he’s going to buy all his practice tires, fuel, hotels, flights etc etc.

It could be done cheaper if you know people over there (and don’t need the knowledge of the big teams).

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James, never done it so I am not sure. We are of the low budget variety, so it is not even something I would consider. I am sure you could go race for $10k, but if you wanted the equipment to win I am told by those that are of the high budget variety and have done these events that it will take at least $20k. This is why we targeted the Rotax race as the one we wanted to go to. I think Nik is right on with some of the expenses.

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Jim, did you have to pay an entry fee for the Grand Finals? What completely did Rotax cover versus what you had to pay for?

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J3 Competition, which is the Rotax importer in the USA covered the entry. The entry includes everything karting related. Entry fee, tires, Kart, fuel, engine, lead, even tools. So the event only cost us travel, food, and lodging.

When it was all done, I received a 150 euro fine for running the engine too long in parc ferme. They had a 5 second limit, and I would only ever run it for one rev-up so this was obviously a BS penalty. Most people would rev them 3 or 4 times.

Then when we turned in the kart at the end Praga went through a huge inspection and charged us for anything they could. In our case it was over 400 euro and included a sticker kit, front fairing, 2 kingpin bolts, Our front fairing arrived to us with the crack they saw. Of course a sticker kit will get a doughnut or two after 6 days of hard core racing.And the king pin bolts were never bent.Never had any impact.

So all of this made me feel nickle and dimed, but I’m trying to overlook it considering it was an amazing week and so much of it really was free. My kid was 3 or 4 corners away from being the world champ so this one will take a while to swallow…


For Rok to pay for a top flight program like Energy it’s probably $8-10K but it includes the Trofeo race the weekend before and Rok SuperFinal - nearly 10 days of track time including karts, engines, all equipment needed, mechanic, etc.

If you earn a ticket your entries, race tires etc are paid for. You also get a brand new OTK kart and engine to use if you want.

You obviously have to get there and cover travel expenses too. So I’d say you could spend between $5-20K depending on what fits your budget.

As for a Rotax, we’ve earned a ticket three times so far and we’ve never paid a dime over the items we intended to buy - lubes, sprockets, eccentrics, misc hardware, bumper brackets, etc.

Have to cover your travel expenses, misc parts and of course the all important rental karts on a Saturday. :smiley:

Neither are inexpensive in the end but then again they are unlike any experience you could have in North America.

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Way to represent Maryland out there a lot of MD karters were checking in on you guys throughout the weekend.

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Thanks man. We gave it our all. If and when we can qualify again we’ll be a little bit better prepared to seal the deal.